First sleep and then…Second sleep!!!

So often I have been exhausted at the end of the day and fallen into a deep and dreamless sleep only to wake up several hours later feeling completely alert and in the mood for doing something that uses my brain.

In this situation I usually get up, go to the loo, make myself a mini meal and get on the Internet and read up on things that interest me. Within an hour or so I get sleepy again and fall back to sleep.

This sounds pretty weird huh?

Well, turns out that it’s actually not that strange.

Infact, this pattern of sleep may be more “natural” than the standard 8-hour block of sleep that most people these days pride themselves with.

I’ve recently discovered a couple of articles (

Which both claim that humans originally used to sleep in two segments with an awake period in between in which they would ponder their dreams, pray, meditate, read, write, have sex, eat, drink, smoke or talk to one another!

It wasn’t until the late 17th century that people started to adopt the 8-hour block of non-segmented sleep. It seems that these changes were related to increased levels of nighttime socializing and hence less time in general to be spending in bed.

So if you are like me, and often find yourself having segmented sleep, don’t go worrying yourself about it. Use your ‘awake-time’ as ‘you-time’, be productive if you feel, enjoy it and when you’re ready slip back into your second bout of sleep!


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